Lots of great people all over the world are designing ways to do things faster and making things easier for the rest of us.

But we wondered, just how much time is being saved? More importantly, what could humanity do with the extra time? Read on and enjoy!

Please make a selection below
UX people
UX people
User experience designers, information architects and usability researchers just like you (pictured above)
around the world
including our customers from 106 countries
All the places
the USA, Great Britain, Australia, Canada, Spain, Germany and 100 other awesome countries
and many other people
if we take a quick look
search for
ux OR "user experience" OR usability OR
"information architect" OR "user research"
on LinkedIn we see there are 506,072 UX people (ATOW)(at time of writing, on Oct 2, 2012) who
are putting people first by studying behavior
using Optimal Workshop to carry out more than a MILLION
(in fact this is what prompted us to think about
the collective impact and make this clicky toy)

card sorts,
card sorting studies using OptimalSort to discover how other people would organize their content,
tree tests
tree testing studies using Treejack to validate information structures and learn where people get lost in their content,
and first click tests
first click studies using Chalkmark to reveal first impressions of their content
and designing ways to make life better
a little easier and more delightful
and in the process
saving time
People around the world
thousands of people
How many people is
from a LOT of
[enough time to "safely" pass through a revolving door]
meaning that in just one month your impact is about 10 days worth of avoided
confusion, tedium and wasted time, not to mention the positive benefits
Less BAD more GOOD
lower development costs, higher rates of customer acquisition and loyalty, increased team productivity and stronger brand equity
for your organization
Different entities
business, government, education provider, charity or anything in between
and this really adds up
if we assume that all UX people are just as great at improving user experiences as you are, then together as an industry
we'd have contributed
My impact   Their impact
10 days x 506,072
from the sliders above
from LinkedIn above
equals a collective
long time
worth of time back to humanity in just the past month which is quite astounding
enough time
replace a forest destroyed by fire

Adjust the sliders above to see other scenarios.